Thursday, July 28, 2011

Born to Ride - A coordinated look!

My son was invited to a birthday party this weekend and when I wrapped his gift, I realized that I had the perfect Raisin Boat set to make a coordinated card. I purchased the wrap from my kids' school fund-raiser last fall and it features Harley Davidson motorcycles on it. What better set to use, but our Raisin Boat exclusive set, "Born to Ride"!

With just a black Memento ink pad and a light teal-colored Copic pen, I created this card in less than 5 minutes. The inside reads,

"Let's "fill-up" with lots of laughs and
take this special day from 0 to 60 mph on the "fun"speedometer!

Hope your day is great -
Happy Birthday! 

Now I admit that my card verse could use a little work, but the boys are nine so they will like it. They are getting to that age where they are done with robots and monkeys and want at little older look. I think our cycle is the perfect answer...especially when paired with this perfect gift wrap!

The card's edge design is from the Raisin Boat "Splash" stamp set. This is one of my favorite "designy" sets"!  - Smiles, Bobbi

Here's another cad using the same sets, but with different colors. I made this one for my brother's birthday.  


  1. These are perfect for the guys in my family! My dad just flew to FL to buy his First Harley (we live in IN) and it's Teal, loving these!

  2. What a coincidence on the color! We are a Harley lovin' family, too. My brothers and some nieces and nephews have them. They drive out to Colorado each year to enjoy the Rockies by motorcycle. It sure beats my mini van! Bobbi