Thursday, August 18, 2011

These cards are groovy, girl!

Rental member, Christi Rogala used one of her first rental sets, "Gals on Flashback Lane" to make these "groovy" cards! These gals came right out of the '70s and '80s eras with their stylish outfits and  funky accessories. The set includes fun phrases - phrases we used to all say back then!

I love how Christi combines the look of the gals with fun and very appropriate paper choices. The contrast of the black with the bold colors really make stunning cards. Your eyes are drawn immediately to the focal point gals. "Stellar" - Christi!

Christi writes, "This was my first time trying your stamps and they were great!  I have found that I can get more creative if I try to stick with just a few supplies - like one set of stamps - it really gets the creative juices going!"

Our '70s gal is ready for a party in her bell bottom jeans
and funky shoes. Let's not forget the harvest gold turtleneck either :)
    Remember leg warmers and those off-the-shoulder looks? This '80s gal does!
    Christi dressed her in vibrant pink to show off those leg warmers!
    The best part is that both the '70s and '80s gals each have their own stamp sets of accessories, too! You can add a lava lamp, jelly shoes, mood ring, disco ball and more to make a "totally tubular" and "far out" scene! For more ideas using this set and the accessories, go to our Raisin Boat Idea Gallery at

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