Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tips on storing your Raisin Boat stamp sets

Customers often ask us how we store our stamp sets. Kim and I each have our own inventory of every Raisin Boat stamp set we've ever released so our individual studios must accommodate an inventory of over 200 Raisin Boat sets now. Whew - that's a lot!

Kim and I both store our stamp sets in inexpensive clear CD cases. You can purchase them from any office supply store for very little cost. We buy the CD cases in large quantities for the lowest unit price. The cases are regular size. We remove the black inserts (the portion that holds the CD in place) and use the outside casing only.

Raisin Boat stamp sets are the perfect size to fit in a regular size CD case. We simply fit them inside the case. Our stamps are super sticky so they cling right to the inside of the CD case.

Close-up view of one set in a CD case.

We add a label to the spine with the set name and the number of images. This helps us know how many images must be returned to the case before we file it away again :) 

A close-up view of our sets with the spine labels.

Lastly, we store our sets in plastic boxes that sit on open shelves. You can easily store 30 sets in one shoe box. We keep our inserts in three-ring, 8.5" X 5.5" binders so that we can easily flip through them to view set images.

Approximately 30 sets can fit in a shoebox size container.

Additional tips:

  • Use color CD cases to signify set categories like nature and flowers, sentiments, etc.
  • Slide our packaging insert into the CD case to show all of the images in the set. The clips that hold a CD's art cover will hold your insert in place.
  • Discount stores have creative ways to store CDs from stacks and racks to decorative boxes and more. Most of these storage solutions are not only functional, but can also serve as a design element in your studio. Have fun picking out just the right elements for your space!


  1. Most of my stamps are stored in cd cases and labeled with a dymo labeler. Love how easy it is to see exactly which stamps I need!

  2. Agree Kathy. The CD cases work great without spending a fortune. Bobbi