Thursday, September 15, 2011

Host a Rock Star Party in Style!

We hosted a "Rock Star" themed party for our twins' birthday. For the invitation, I used the concept of a "backstage pass." We sent each child his/her own pass to the party. The kids were picked up in a black limo, they walked the red carpet and got their photo taken before entering the party.

The party was backstage (well back patio :)) complete with a stage, Rock Band, music, bubbles, flash and more. It was lots of fun to see all of the kids come decked out like rock stars. Some even had colored streaks in their hair! They went all out.

Here's the completed invitation that features our Raisin Boat set, "Rock Star" I first set up the invitation and printed it off using my printer. Then I stamped the images from the set to give it life and color. 

Front and back side of the party invitation. The invitation features our latest set, "Rock Star."

The invitations were tucked inside a clear vinyl protector and connected to a real "Rock Star" lanyard. They had to wear these to the party to get in. When we mailed them, we slid the pass into a black folder that I made using our Black Granite 8.5" X 11" cardstock. I added a punched out silver glitter star to the front. The invitation tucked inside this black cover. 

Have you hosted a rock star party? If not, give it a try. It's a lot of fun. The kids loved it. Here are some things we did in addition to the limo ride and red carpet to fit the theme:
  • We made sugar cookies and cut out cheese in the shape of stars.
  • My nieces helped me at the party. They assisted with games and took photos. The wore black and silver shirts that read, "Paparazzi."
  • We had bubble machines everywhere to make it look like smoke around the stage area.
  • We had an assortment of hats, sunglasses, microphones and more for the kids to dress up for the center stage. The girls got into the pink wig!
  • We made an inexpensive stage out of inexpensive lumber and created a backdrop using long silver, sparkly fringe. It made a great backdrop for photos, too.
  • For the thank you, I created a "rock star video" using photos and footage from the party. We used Hannah Montana's song, "Rock Star" for the video. The kids thought it was great and the moms loved seeing the kids in action at the party. It's a great keepsake of the event, too. (I tucked one in each of my kids' scrapbooks, too.)
"Rock Star" is a great theme for young and old. For our family party, my brother and son came dressed as ZZ Top!  Madonna was there, too. Of course, my kids didn't even recognize these slightly older rockers! 

If you are in need of a theme that can work for boys and girls, this one is for you. Being the mom of a boy and girl set of twins, I like these universal themes so that we can have one big party (that everyone can agree on) instead of two! - Smiles, Bobbi

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