Thursday, September 29, 2011

More "Haunting Potions" Ideas!

Here's a few more ideas using "Haunting Potions" stamp set from our 2011 Halloween releases. If you like to color using markers or Copics, this set is really fun. You can make the bottles/potions any color you wish!
Add the candy from the set, "Halloween All Around" to display around our "Candy Attraction Potion"! I used the "Trick or Treat?" phrase from the same set to create the background design. I colored in a checkerboard pattern design on the bottle for something more playful.

Combine the candy image from "Halloween All Around" with the saying
"Candy Attraction Potion" for fun take on the potion!

In this sample, I added three separate bottles and made each one unique by adding a different label from the set.

Create interesting designs and labels to make one-of-a-kind potion bottles.

Line up our trio of bottles to create borders and longer focal points. Add any words to the center bottle to personalize. The spell book has a very aged and authentic look.

Stamp the trio of bottles to create longer focal points or borders. Add stripes
and dots to the bottles to add interest

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