Thursday, September 8, 2011

Slam, Dunk with Varsity Locker!

We all love interactive cards and with our latest set, "Varsity Locker" you can add a little action and fun to your card!

On Tuesday, I showed you how you can make the locker open and add things inside, but how about a spinner card, too? Try this - Use the basketball net and ball to create a slam, dunk!

First, stamp the locker and hoop on cardstock. Then, punch out a vertical track to the net. Add your ball to the track by using our circular Sticky Thumb Dimensionals. Circular dimensionals work best so that the ball can slide down the track.

To make the ball actually spin, add weight to it by attaching dimes or pennies to the back. Make sure your track is long enough to allow for some spinning action.

To add weight, simply stack the following items by attaching them to each other in the following top-to-bottom order:

  1. punched out ball image
  2. circular-shaped dimensional
  3. dime or penny
  4. dimensional
  5. dime or penny 
In my sample, I simply used one dimensional on the back of the ball due to the size of my track. It moves down, but does not spin.

Lastly, attach the ball to the track and the locker to the card front. The locker should be attached using dimensionals so that your ball has room to move from the back.

I used BoatHouse Collection(TM) Cardstock in the following colors: Pool Party, Elephant Safari, Brighton Beach White and Pear Salad.

This card is really easy to make and fun to receive.  I guess you would call that a "slam-dunk!"  - Smiles, Bobbi

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