Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kelly Pitzlin has concocted some really interesting creations in today's ideas. Using bottles, test tubes and handmade envelopes along with our latest Halloween sets, "Halloween Potions" and "Scary Voices", Kelly has made gifts that would certainly be a treat to receive!

Add a label using our "Haunting Potions" stamp set and attach to a plastic bottle.
This idea makes a great give-away or prize for a pumpkin carving contest!
Kelly played off of the "Haunting Potions" theme and filled three test tubes with candies. The tubes fit inside her box that has three punched out holes at the top to hold them in place. She finished it off with a label that she colored to match. How clever is that?!

Fill test tubes with candy and add to a box
stamped with "Haunting Potions" for a real treat!

Here's a really cute and inexpensive treat for the classroom. Kelly used our "Scary Voices" stamp set to decorate the outside of the treats envelopes. she added 3 Pixy Stix to the inside and finished off with a bow.

 To make this envelope, go to our Website at and click on the "Tips" tab and scroll down to the bottom for the template. You can make 4 out of one sheet of cardstock. 

Try this! - Add colorful pencils for classmates, artist brushes for the artist in the family or office supplies for the co-worker. They are so simple and easy to make! - Smiles, Bobbi

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