Monday, November 28, 2011

This Week: Five gifts for under $5!

If you like making your holiday gifts, you'll enjoy this week's blog posts. We're sharing 5 gift ideas for under $5 this week! Each day, get inspired by a new idea or fun way to look at everyday items. Have fun creating and making these projects, then give them as gifts for those hard-to-buy-for people on your list!

"Days till Christmas" Calendar

Today's idea is creating a "Days till Christmas" calendar. My twins are 9 and they love to count down the days till Christmas. I decided to make it easier for them by creating this one-of-a-kind calendar that is also a daily reminder that the elves are watching!

Make a calendar for under $5.00. Use our new elves sets for
a super fun and cute look.
A close up showing a few days marked off using
a dry erase marker.

I found a used frame in my lower level and took out the picture. If you don't have an extra, you can find frames with glass fronts at dollar stores for just $1.00.

Next create the calendar. I created a blank calendar PDF and have attached it here for you to print and use. It's set up to print on an 8-1/2" x 11" cardstock. Don't forget - - use Raisin Boat's Brighton Beach White cardstock for best results. We are going to color the calendar using Copics so our Brighton Beach White works fantastic for this! I have two versions of the calendar. One is blank and the other includes the phrase "The elves are watching!" at the bottom. This works great with our three new elves sets: "Elves on Staff", "North Pole Toymakers" and "Handy Dandy Helpers". I used all three sets on this calendar.

Download the PDF version of this blank
calendar. Print them off and create!

Stamp our elves and accessories in each square until you achieve the look you want. Heres' a few tips:
  • Leave off the daily numbers and use the calendar year after year. All you need to do is make the "25" a separate image that can be moved to the appropriate box each year.
  • Punch out a square from standard copy paper. Use it to mask the other boxes when stamping in one. This allows you to keep clean images contained in a box. Here is a look at my mask.
Use a mask to stamp perfectly
in the boxes of the calendar

  • Allow some of your images to fit in two boxes to make it more interesting.
  • Use our Copic Elf Coloring Kits (10 hand-chosen Copics for $59.99/set) to make a great piece of art!
  • If your frame is larger than 8-1/2" X 11", use our Red Delicious or Summer Lime cardstock to create a mat. These colors match our Elf Coloring kit markers perfectly! I used our grosgrain dotted ribbon in green to cover the seam of my two pieces of cardstock.
  • Decorate the background sheets by stamping for an interesting background!
  •  Attach a dry erase marker with Velcro to the bottom ledge or on the side or back of the frame for ease of use. I purchased my dry erase marker for $1.00 at the dollar store. (Pick one up when you purchase your frame!)

Each day, the kids can use the dry erase marker and cross out a day on the calendar until they reach December 25.  Dry erase markers can work on the glass front of this frame.

Here's another version of the calendar idea. I purchased this frame and marker for $1.00 each. Simply write in the day in the center box each day!

A smaller version of the "Days till Christmas" Calendar. I used a $1.00 frame
and attached a $1.00 dry-erase marker to the back.
So for just $2.00 and some stamping fun, you can create either of these calendars for your own home or someone else's home. These make great teacher gifts, but give them early so that students can have fun using it this year! Smiles, Bobbi

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