Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 4: 5 Gifts under $5 - Custom Magnets!

Do you know friends and family that hang photos, artwork or calendars on  their refrigerator? If so, here's a fun stocking stuffer to give them! Create custom magnets using our stamping blocks! That's right. We have the perfect size and style of acrylic blocks to make magnets. Here's a few I made this week for a friend of mine that loves dogs....and hanging stuff on her refrigerator!

Use any set to create a themed set of refrigerator magnets!

Using Raisin Boat stamp set, "A Dog's Life" I stamped the images, colored them in using our Copic Elf Coloring Kit (available for a limited time) and punched them out using a 1-3/8"square punch. Our 1-1/2" X 1-1/2" bevelled acrylic block works great for this project. These block are just $2.49 each (rental members pay only $1.99 each) The bevelled edges make the magnets look very professional.

Simply attach the artwork to the back of the block using Glossy Accents or our new Viva Decor Glass Effect Crystal Clear Gel.

I also adhered another piece of cardstock to the back of the art to make them look as nice on the backside as the front. Here's how they are looking so far...

Finish the back side of your block with another piece of cardstock
 for a finished look. Then add a round magnet to the back.
Next, adhere a small round magnet to the backside. I purchased a package of rounds from my local Ace Hardware for just $1.99. That's're done!

Here's another set, I made using our elves sets. These were also colored in using our Copic Elf Coloring Kit.

Use our latest elves sets to make fun holiday magnet for a friend.

Try this:
  • Use different sizes of blocks and adjust your magnet size. We offer 1" X 1" acrylic cube blocks as well as 1" X 3" bevelled blocks that would be fun to use.
  • Use photos of your children or their artwork to personalize.
  • Use the magnets as game pieces. I created a Tic-Tac-Toe board for my kids and attached it to a $1.00 baking sheet I got at the dollar store. It's cool because the magnetic game pieces I made stick nicely to the game board. They can even use this in the car! I'm going to leave it out on my bar for the adults to play while sipping a holiday drink at my party, too! (I think I 'll make it "Elves v. Santa" instead of "elves v. dogs"!....I better make a few more magnets!) - Smiles, Bobbi
Use your custom magnets as game pieces to fun games for your kids!
Use a baking sheet and the game pieces will "stick" nicely!


  1. This is a great idea!! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Love this magnet idea! Have a merry Christmas. :)