Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 3: 5 Gifts under $5! Dress up the Dinner Table

Holidays generally involve entertaining with delicious food on a beautiful table. Why not help friends and family create a  beautiful space with lighting and table decor! Make one-of-a-kind candle holders and napkins for a coordinated look. Give them as gifts or keep them for yourself. These items are sure to dress up the table and make for conversation among friends and family this holiday!

Make coordinated candle holders and napkins
for a great gift idea under $5.00
Add a battery operated flicker light to the
wine glass for a wonderful, mood-setting table glow.

Our dear friend and designer, Donna, made this wonderful candle holder. Using heavy vellum paper, Donna cut a shade and stamped snowflake images on it using Raisin Boat set, "Let It Snow".  She stamped and embossed the images and then added a little sparkle using our easy-to-use glitter pens. The shade was then glued together using Vellum tape (the glue does not show through :)).

Once the shade is complete, place the shade on a wine glass (purchased for $1.00 at the dollar store) and add a battery operated flicker light inside the wine glass. (I bought 3 flicker lights at our local dollar store for $1.00.)

Want to add a little more to your gift? Stamp coordinating napkins and add them to your gift basket. Simply stamp right on the napkin and let dry. You can also stamp matching napkin rings and place cards, too! Don't forget a little bling on your projects, too. I used our rhinestones to this next sample.

Stamp a set of napkins and and a decorative bow to the package.
Make napkin rings using ribbon and stamped,
punched out designs. Stamp the napkins to match!

Make them whimsical or make them elegant. Use any color napkin or embossing powder. You can tailor the entire package to match a room, table setting, linens or existing holiday decor. Don't forget to make a coordinated gift card, too!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 2: 5 Gifts under $5! Decorative Coasters

Today, our gift idea comes from one of our rental members. Dianne has been a rental member since we opened and she shared this great project - "Decorative Coasters."

Dianne purchased stone tiles from a local building supply store and stamped them using Raisin Boat stamp set, "Damask Elegance." She added felt to the bottom of each tile piece so that they slide nicely and protect the table. She makes 4-6 of them and gives them as a set. Her total cost is under $5!

Don't forget to use StazOn or any permanent stamping ink to ensure that your images last, even after getting wet from the drinks!

Ideas to try:
  • Try other Raisin Boat sets for different looks. For example, stamp "It's a Guy Thing" and "It's a Guy Thing Again" images on rough stones for your hubby's bar or "man cave."
  • Use Urban Botanicals or Stunning Silhouettes to create botanical-inspired coasters.
  • Use our "Gals On" series of sets to create funny, high personality, conversational tiles for your girlfriends, too!
  • Stamp a matching tray or candle to add to your gift package.

These tiles are truly stunning! I've got to make a set for myself! Thanks Dianne for your great idea :) Smiles, Bobbi

Create coasters by stamping "Damask Elegance" on natural
stone tiles from a local building supply store.

Use different designs from the set, "Damask Elegance" or
any other Raisin Boat set to coordinate with the room's look.  

Monday, November 28, 2011

This Week: Five gifts for under $5!

If you like making your holiday gifts, you'll enjoy this week's blog posts. We're sharing 5 gift ideas for under $5 this week! Each day, get inspired by a new idea or fun way to look at everyday items. Have fun creating and making these projects, then give them as gifts for those hard-to-buy-for people on your list!

"Days till Christmas" Calendar

Today's idea is creating a "Days till Christmas" calendar. My twins are 9 and they love to count down the days till Christmas. I decided to make it easier for them by creating this one-of-a-kind calendar that is also a daily reminder that the elves are watching!

Make a calendar for under $5.00. Use our new elves sets for
a super fun and cute look.
A close up showing a few days marked off using
a dry erase marker.

I found a used frame in my lower level and took out the picture. If you don't have an extra, you can find frames with glass fronts at dollar stores for just $1.00.

Next create the calendar. I created a blank calendar PDF and have attached it here for you to print and use. It's set up to print on an 8-1/2" x 11" cardstock. Don't forget - - use Raisin Boat's Brighton Beach White cardstock for best results. We are going to color the calendar using Copics so our Brighton Beach White works fantastic for this! I have two versions of the calendar. One is blank and the other includes the phrase "The elves are watching!" at the bottom. This works great with our three new elves sets: "Elves on Staff", "North Pole Toymakers" and "Handy Dandy Helpers". I used all three sets on this calendar.

Download the PDF version of this blank
calendar. Print them off and create!

Stamp our elves and accessories in each square until you achieve the look you want. Heres' a few tips:
  • Leave off the daily numbers and use the calendar year after year. All you need to do is make the "25" a separate image that can be moved to the appropriate box each year.
  • Punch out a square from standard copy paper. Use it to mask the other boxes when stamping in one. This allows you to keep clean images contained in a box. Here is a look at my mask.
Use a mask to stamp perfectly
in the boxes of the calendar

  • Allow some of your images to fit in two boxes to make it more interesting.
  • Use our Copic Elf Coloring Kits (10 hand-chosen Copics for $59.99/set) to make a great piece of art!
  • If your frame is larger than 8-1/2" X 11", use our Red Delicious or Summer Lime cardstock to create a mat. These colors match our Elf Coloring kit markers perfectly! I used our grosgrain dotted ribbon in green to cover the seam of my two pieces of cardstock.
  • Decorate the background sheets by stamping for an interesting background!
  •  Attach a dry erase marker with Velcro to the bottom ledge or on the side or back of the frame for ease of use. I purchased my dry erase marker for $1.00 at the dollar store. (Pick one up when you purchase your frame!)

Each day, the kids can use the dry erase marker and cross out a day on the calendar until they reach December 25.  Dry erase markers can work on the glass front of this frame.

Here's another version of the calendar idea. I purchased this frame and marker for $1.00 each. Simply write in the day in the center box each day!

A smaller version of the "Days till Christmas" Calendar. I used a $1.00 frame
and attached a $1.00 dry-erase marker to the back.
So for just $2.00 and some stamping fun, you can create either of these calendars for your own home or someone else's home. These make great teacher gifts, but give them early so that students can have fun using it this year! Smiles, Bobbi

Monday, November 14, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

Use a Mask with our Cathedral Window from "O Holy Night"

I love to work with the window from the Raisin Boat set, "O Holy Night." In fact, I think it looks great paired with our new elves sets. It works with the toy shop work table and computer desk.  In this card, I used the work table from "North Pole Toymakers." I added presents inside the window panes. They fit perfectly so no masking is required!

Be creative with the window. I put a small gift in each window pane.
The gift and lights are from our set, "Handy Dandy Helpers."
I strung lights in front of the window in the next sample. To do this, I stamped the bulb inside the panes to avoid having to mask. This approach is quick and easy and looks great. The elf is from the Raisin Boat set, "Elves on Staff."

String lights across by stamping within the
panes to avoid masking.

Making objects appear inside or outside of the window gets a bit trickier, however. To do this, create a mask by stamping the window on copy paper. It needs to be thin paper so that you can stamp on top without issue. Here's a picture of my mask. It's been used already! I keep it inside my set's CD case so that I don't have to recreate it next time.

Create a mask using, thin, inexpensive copy paper.
This photo is not blurry, my mask has just been used over and over!

Once you have the mask created, stamp your window image on the card front. Then, lay the mask over the stamped image and stamp again using the item(s) you want to appear on the other side of the window. In the next example, I stamped the work table on top of the mask to get this effect.

Use a mask to stamp images inside or outside
the window to avoid overlapping lines/images.
To complete this card, I created the shutters by stamping the window on another piece of cardstock, cutting it out and cutting in half. I turned over the paper pieces to the blank side and added the shutter details to finish them. Our white Liquid Applique tops off the window and shutters. I should also mention that I used our woodgrain stamp to create the outside cedar boards for the exterior of the toy shop. Our white gel pens work great on dark colors to create the vertical boards.

Try this out! Smiles, Bobbi

Monday, November 7, 2011

Six new sets for the holidays!

We just released six new stamp sets for the holidays! In addition to "Thankful," released last week, we also added the following sets to our Holidays category in our products section. Check out our idea gallery for more samples and ideas to inspire you!

"O Holy Night" features a beautiful church that can be added to any scene. We've also put in a nice large window. Keep it clear or add a stained glass design. There's endless possibilities with this set.

"O Holy Night" stamp set is on sale this week, only. Hurry and receive 20% off!

Silent Night is the perfect coordinating set to use with "O Holy Night". Use them alone or together for amazing cards and projects!

Wonderland Wishes is filled with "just the right word" for your project. This is one set I find myself going to often!

Who can resist a cute elf...especially these fun ones! Raisin Boat has three elves sets for the holidays. Each elf is busy getting ready for Santa's big night!

The elves in "Elves on Staff" help Santa care for the reindeer. They're also on-line, checking the lists twice to make sure they know what all the good boys and girls want this year.

"Handy Dandy Helpers" has some really nice phrases for remembering and thanking those that have helped you through the year. Let one of these elves help you say "thank you."

Do you know someone that is busy this time of the year? Our juggler knows what it means to "keep your hands full"! Send a note or a word of encouragement.


Of course our elves must be busy making toys this year. One elf was having way too much fun during his break and got stuck! . Those big candy canes can get anyone in trouble! Here's our "North Pole Toymakers"...getting ready for the holidays!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just released - "Thankful"

We just released our latest set, "Thankful." This set offers two beautiful wreaths - one for fall and one for the winter season - plus accessories and words to use with them. This week only, get 20% off this set!

Add Liquid Applique, Pearl Pens, rhinestones and other accessories to make your projects three-dimensional, too! Here's just a few samples. See more in our idea gallery at

We added Liquid Applique to create this snowy wreath.

Send a "thanks" card or an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner this month

Use Pearl Pen in red to create three dimensional berries.
Combine our Pearl Pens in golds and bronzes with
brown tones for a very elegant look.