Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Something new for our rental members in 2012!

Wow, it's been a busy time with the holidays and all of the new stuff we have going on at Raisin Boat. If you get our newsletter, you will learn about some of the new things we are doing and offering. If not, I'll point you in the right direction!

Our rental members now have more ways to enjoy their membership in 2012. We have developed our Keepers(TM) -- consumable cardstock packages, embellishments, and more that you can add to your Pick List in place of stamp sets. Each "Keeper" is equivalent to receiving one stamp set rental. The difference is that you get to keep it!

Our Keepers(TM) are designed to offer more versatility and value to your rental membership. You choose whether you want us to send stamp sets or Keepers(TM) (or both!), by the items you put in your Pick List.

What's fun is that you can use one rental for the stamp set and one for the extra stuff! Or, if you are busy this month and don't have time to stamp, stock up on some of the Keepers(TM) instead. You can then use them next month when you have more time to create in your craft room. It totally makes sense!

I made these quick cards and a scrapbook page using a few of our new Keepers(TM) - Summer Lovin' and Springtime Fresh Card Collections and Elegant Bling Keeper(TM).

To learn more and to view the current Keepers(TM), click here.

We're adding lots of new products so stay tuned...I'll share more later this week! Smiles, Bobbi 

This set of cards was made using our Summer Lovin' Card Collection
Keeper(TM) and the Raisin Boat set, "Going in Circles."

Our Elegant Bling Keeper(TM)and Damask Elegance
stamp set were combined to create this elegant scrapbook page.

Make these four cards with our Raisin Boat stamp set, "Urban Botanicals"
and our Springtime Fresh Card Collection Keeper(TM).

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