Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pillow boxes make great jars!

I was playing around with one of our new stamp sets, "Sealed With a Kiss" and found a great combination - the jar image and our small Clear Pillow Boxes. They work perfectly together! The pillow box allows you to put 3-D items inside the jar, easily. Plus, the box bows out so you get the look of a round jar for more cool effects.

I tried this out the other day when I needed a retirement card. I made the following card for my friend who is retiring at the end of the month. It's a "jar" of change to help with her retirement fund. She got a kick out of it!
Create a Jar by combining the jar, from "Sealed With a Kiss"
 and the small Clear Pillow Box.

I decided to try the same concept for a Valentine's Day card. I combined the jar with "Sweet Treats." I added Skittles to the jar and then punched out bright candies to attach to the front of the card. The pillow box slides right in on the side.

Use our Brighton Beach White Ultra cardstock to make this card.

If you decide to try this, here are a few tips to consider....

  • Use BoatHouse Collection(TM) Brighton Beach White ULTRA cardstock to make this card. The extra firmness of the cardstock works great. The card stands beautifully. While any of our papers will work, I loved using the ULTRA the best!
  • Cut out the center of the jar THEN punch out holes on the sides of the jar neck for the ribbon. This will allow you to reach the interior areas of the card.
  • I created a template to show where to score your paper.
    Use this template to create the jar card.
    Gingham ribbon from Raisin Boat, too!

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