Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Treat ideas for St. Paddy's Day

My husband has convinced our twins that we are Irish. His great grandmother did come over from Ireland so I guess he can legitimately claim some part Irish. On St. Paddy's Day he wears green with the kids. We usually make treats for friends to celebrate.

Here's a few ideas for treat packages....

A lollipop is a great background for the leprechauns.
The rainbow colors make for a fun border.
I inserted one Air Heads Extreme candy piece into three
separate 1" x 8" bags and attached them to the back of the cloud design.

Add gold coin chocolates to our 4" X 6" clear pillow box
and add a label and ribbon band for a yummy treat.

Add a stamped topper
 to rainbow licorice and a few gold coins
for a perfect St. Paddy's Day treat!
If you are Irish or like to celebrate like the Irish, then enjoy these treat ideas next month! Smiles, Bobbi


  1. Thanks Katherine. It's all available at Raisin Boat, too (except for the candy:))! Bobbi