Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time Flies - A Fishing Vest Designed for Dad!

Here's a fun project for Father's Day. I made a fishing vest and created a scene inside the vest using two cool fishing sets from Raisin Boat - "Time Flies" and "Relax and Reel." If you rent one, you will want the other, too. They work great together. Or, if you like to keep your sets, purchase both. You'll get more out of both of them by having the two.

You can really "tailor" your vest for Dad. Make it look new or make it look old and worn. Match it to his current vest that he wears. With Copics, you can make it any color you like! Down to the pockets, you can make it what you want. Don't forget the "XL Love" tag. That image is from Raisin Boat set, "Tag You're It!"

This is a really fun card to make and it is quite easy. For a list of the materials used, see our Idea Gallery at or click on the photos below. - Smiles, Bobbi

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