Saturday, March 31, 2012

True Scrap 3: The fun and inspiration of a scrapbooking event -- at your computer

We were excited to see Raisin Boat featured with a big thumbs up on Lain Ehmann's blog and podcast not too long ago. You can check out the cool scrapbook page she made using our "Full Circle" background set and also link to her podcast that talked about Raisin Boat -- just go to Lain's blog at:

Lain blogs her scrapbooking inspiration and has written several books on scrapbooking. She's also the great mind and organizer behind an amazing upcoming online event called True Scrap 3, of which Raisin Boat is a sponsor. True Scrap gives you all the fun and excitement of in-person scrapbooking events, without the hassle and expense.

No airplanes or hotels. No babysitters. No lousy convention center food. Just pure inspiration, community, and fun -- right to your computer!

Here are some of the many perks of participating in True Scrap 3:

*Get inspired by 15 instructors like Nic Howard, Shimelle Laine, Jennifer Gallacher, and a dozen more.
*Hear an exclusive interview with scrapbook legend Becky Higgins.
*Learn to USE your stash in new and creative ways.
*Interact with other fantastic scrapbookers, LIVE, in real time!
*Get replays of everything to watch and re-watch at your leisure!

For details and registration info, go to and hurry! If you register today (March 31, 2012), you still qualify for the Early Bird discount!

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