Monday, April 2, 2012

Purse Boxes for birthdays and holidays!

My daughter is getting to that age where she has very specific tastes in clothing. Buying gifts for her and her friends is getting more difficult. Given that, I like to find interesting ways to give a gift card instead. You can never go wrong with a gift card. It always fits and the girls love to shop!

Raisin Boat offers a Clear Purse Box that is so cute for young girls and older girls, too! Stamp a pretty tag to go with it and adorn with our matching BoatHouse Collection(TM) ribbon. Lastly, add fun designs to the outside of the box using Pearl Pens, Paper Pens, Glitter Liner or Glass Effect Gel. This is easy to do. In fact, I let my 9-year old daughter do it for her friends' gifts. It's fun....but plan some time for it to dry. I let them sit for a couple of hours to make sure they are nice and dry before giving the gift.

The first one includes a gift card to Justice. We matched the colors from the gift card for the tag and box for a coordinated look.

Add a gift card holder in the box. See below for the pattern.
This tag was made using "Wish Big" stamp set and
colored using Copics. BoatHouse Collection(TM) ribbon
adorns the box. tag.

It's easy to add dots in simple line for this fun box. The tag was
made using stamp set, "Wish Big."
Use Glass Effect Gel in yellow on the purse box and on the tag. I used
the gel for the candle flames.

To make the gift card stand up nicely inside the box, I made a gift card holder using our Brighton Beach White cardstock in Ultra (heavier weight cardstock) to support the card. Here is a pattern to make it. You can make this in any size to fit your box.

You can also use our Clear Purse Box for the holidays, too. I made one for Easter and used
Pearl Pens on the box. Pearl Pens have a "pearl", matte finish. We offer them in these
soft spring colors. They look great with these chocolate candy eggs. I also used the Pearl
Pens on the tag to dress up the egg image from "Bunny Hop."

This would also be a fun bridal or baby shower gift for party guests, too.

Use Pearl Pens to enhance your clear boxes and tags.
They add a raised, dimensional, matte-finish pearl to your projects!
Have fun creating one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family. You'll impress them with your creativity! Smiles, Bobbi 

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