Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our First Challenge

Hi everyone, and welcome to our very first Raisin Boat challenge! We're excited to announce that we'll be having a monthly challenge here at the Raisin Boat Blog.

 We would love to see what all of you are creating with Raisin Boat stamps.  So, our first challenge is to create a card, scrapbook page, or other craft item using ANY RAISIN BOAT STAMPS you would like.

The prize for this challenge is going to be ANY Raisin Boat set of the winner's choice! The winner will be drawn on July 12 using

Take a look at the great ideas the Raisin Boat Design Crew Team has created for you to get you started.

You can read about their cards on their blogs. Just click on their name to get to their blog. They would no doubt love to hear from you. Have fun with the challenge!

How to Enter Our Blog Challenge

(We accept any card, scrapbook page or other craft project featuring Raisin Boat stamps)
If you don’t have a blog, you can e-mail your entry (with your name and email address) to
If you do have a blog, please follow these steps:
1. Go to the bottom of the blog challenge posting and look for a little blue shape with a picture of a frog on it and the words “add your link”. Click on this button.
2. Three boxes will now appear underneath the blue button. In the first box, you need to put the URL or web address for your blog post. The easiest way to do this is to copy the blog post address and then paste it into this box. When you click on the title of your blog, the http address will change and have more information. That is what you want to copy and paste.
3. Underneath this in the next box, please put your name – whatever you write here will appear on the blog challenge post.
4. In the next box down, you can put your e-mail address, if you wish.
5. Click on the "submit link" blue button, and you will see your name appear on the numbered list at the end of the challenge post. This means that your "link" has been captured. If you click on your name, you will be taken to your blog post.


  1. I will be entering soon... but was wondering, can we enter more than once in a month? Maybe I missed that, but I am not finding that information anywhere- how many entries are allowed per challenge?

  2. This will be fun. I have several projects almost finished this gives me the kick in the pants I need to get creative and get them done!! I can't wait to see what the design team has to share with us.

  3. I was wondering the same thing. Can we post more than once?

  4. Hi ladies, sorry for not getting back to you sooner! Thanks so much for your awesome entries - we're thrilled to have you participate in our first Raisin Boat challenge! Since this is our very first, we are allowing more than one post for this month's challenge. That could change going forward, but go for it this month if you wish! :-)Thanks again. - Kim and Bobbi

  5. It's so fun seeing all the awesome entries coming in! :-) Thanks to all of you for playing and for your creativity! Still plenty of time for more entries if anyone out there is thinking of doing so. - Kim and Bobbi