Friday, December 28, 2012

Challenge Winner

Hi everyone, sorry we are so late on posting the winner of the Thank You Challenge. December sure got busy. The entries this month were fantastic!

Using a Random Number Generator, entry number 8 was selected as the winner. That was Colleen from Creative Paper Room -- congratulations,  Colleen! Here is her amazing card using Handy Dandy Helpers:
Colleen, you will receive a free Raisin Boat stamp set of your choice!
Please email with the name of your set selection and your mailing address.

Be sure to stop back on January 15th for the next fun challenge here at the Raisin Boat Blog.

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday! Happy New Year!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Gift Tags

It's been a great holiday so far because I've actually had time to do the things I love to do in preparation for the big event. We host my family on Christmas Eve and my husband's family on Christmas day. Both groups are 20-35 people so it's a lot of prime rib, turkey, etc. These are the times that I wish I had a bigger oven!

With the snowstorm, I was fortunate to have my hubby home an extra day. Plus, having the holiday fall right after a weekend, helped us get everything set up and in order sooner. Yesterday, was my wrapping day and I had time to make some "just in time" holiday gift tags. I put on the Lifetime channel (one feel good holiday movie after another) and I had a great day! I wrapped and made tags to match as I watched and cried during each sappy movie.

Sometimes I like everything to coordinate. My husband tells me I shouldn't be buying any more gift wrap because we have too much downstairs in storage. (I love paper and I'm drawn to all kinds during the year-end sales!) So, instead of making everything match, I tailored each gift to the person. What I love about stamping is that I can make my creations any color and design I want. I'm not stuck with what the manufacturer thought looked good. Here's a few of my wrapped gifts I wanted to share.

For my brother-in-law who likes the outdoors, I used "Nature's Reflection" with a little liquid applique and pearl pen for snow on the trees and red berries.

For my sister-in-law who loves traditional pieces. I used "Dear Santa" stamp set for a classic, vintage look.
For my nephew who is a junior in college this year. I used "Sparkle and Splendor" for a more contemporary look.  Pearl pens in the colors of the bulbs on the wrap finished the black snowflake on the tag. I love non-traditional colors for bolder looks under the tree.
I used "Sparkle and Splendor" for my sister-in-law's gift tag. Pretty wine glasses are in this box so I wanted the gift to reflect a more sophisticated look. Pearl Pen in Kiwi added to the snowflake's beauty.
A close-up view of the tag on the wrapped gift.
For my nephew who loves a very graphic look in his apartment, I used "Days Till Christmas." I kept this one contemporary and bold. He's still in college so I kept it youthful, too. I added Pearl Pen to the lights to make them 3D and bright like a light!
For my grand nieces, some fun little tags with animals on them. I used "What a Zoo, Too!" for these easy gift tags.
The gifts are now wrapped. Now it's time to prepare the food for tonight's celebration.Enjoy your holiday with family and friends. If you are driving, be safe. Happy holidays to all of you!
Smiles, Bobbi

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Totally "Tubular" Treats!

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to share a treat, small toy or gift, use our clear tubes. They come in square and round shapes. Here's a few I made this year for gifts.

Say Merry Kissmas with our cute reindeer from "Night Before Christmas." The "Merry Kissmas" phrase is from "Days Till Christmas" stamp set. I filled the tube with Hershey chocolate kisses.

The "Night Before Christmas" set also includes a few funny phrases. Here's a few I made.

Using the snowman, marshmallows or Whoppers make a great treat inside this next one!

My friend, Donna Polley took a more vintage approach to her treat tube. She used "Dear Santa" for her tag. I love the little jingle bell she added. It's so cute with the old-fashioned peppermint treat.

If you need a little treat for your significant other or hubby, here's a fun idea. Use Raisin Boat set, "Leave Your Mark" with "Days Till Christmas" to make this tag. Don't forget that you can add Pearl Pen, Glitter Liner or Paper Pen to the outside of the tube to dress it up.

You can these inexpensive tubes for toys such as a jacks set, candy, pencils and pens, and more.
I think all of these treat tubes deserve the 1980s phrase "totally tubular!" Smiles, Bobbi