Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love makes the world go 'round!

Loves moves us in so many ways. When we spread our love, good things happen. Just look at all of the charitable organizations around the world and the good things they are able to do. It can be as big as helping a country or community in need to something as small as visiting a grandparent in a nursing home. Some of my last memories being with my mom were watching my daughter push Mom's wheelchair up and down the halls of the nursing home. My mom was only content if she was moving due to her dementia. She would hold my daughter's hand and simply smile as my daughter cared for her in her own little way. I could see the love between them.

You truly can move others by spreading your love around the world. With that in mind, I reached for a Raisin Boat stamp set that I really love to use this time of the year called, "Playing Cupid."  I love the Cupid and the heart images that are included in this set. One of my favorite images is the world encircled with hearts. It's a great stamp to help spread love to others. Here's a few cards I made this morning using just the world image and some phrases from the set. All of them will "move" you with their interactive features!

Love Makes the World Go 'Round - Spin, Baby Spin!
In this first card, the world actually spins around using the spinner card technique. Two pennies and some Sticky Thumb dimensionals sandwiched together sit in the punched out track. I added a few punched out hearts to the embossed background for extra color.

For a list of the products used in this card, visit our Idea Gallery at

Connected by Heart - Twirl Awhirl!
Even if you are miles apart, you can connect with your loved ones by sending a card. Our world in this card twirls around on baker's twine. I used our awesome cloud embossing folder for the background. What's fun about this one is that you get to see the world inside and out! Even when the card is open, the world shines through!

For a list of the products used in this card, visit our Idea Gallery at

Sending Lots of Love - Wobble, Wobble! 
Our next card gets its move on with a little help from an Action Wobble underneath! This card wobbles back and forth and spins hearts off of it in bright colors. The phrase is from the set, "Heart Attack" stamp set.

For a list of the products used in this card, visit our Idea Gallery at

Okay, so now you can see how much I love this set. It's worth the world to me! (Tee hee!:)) Check it out as well as the set, "Heart Attack." Both are great staples to have on hand or great rentals when you just want to send a little love. Move others with your love today! Smiles, Bobbi

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sending love in so many ways!

This week we're going to be showcasing fun ways to send some love to family and friends. Today, I got a little help from some four-legged friends from Raisin Boat stamp set, "What a Zoo!" and the set, "Heart Attack."

Our first one is delivering a big heart. Pearl Pen in red adds extra dimension to the big heart to highlight it.

For a list of products used for this card visit our Idea Gallery at

The giraffe has a few sparkly hearts to help say "I (heart) U." This would be cute for a little girl to give her daddy.:)

For a list of products used for this card, visit our Idea Gallery at

Send some wild wishes with our cute zebra and wild hearts from "Heart Attack." These two images just go together so nicely!

For a list of products used for this card, visit our Idea Gallery at

For a list of products used for these cards, visit our Idea Gallery at Smiles, Bobbi

Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Flower Clips

This is the last of my cupcake wrapper obsession projects! I made a few cute flowers that I adhered to over-sized dollar store clips. I'm going to put them on wrapped gifts for a the bow that can also be used later in the office or kitchen. These big clips stand on their own so I like to use them to hold my recipe cards when I'm working with some of my mom's old hard copy recipes that are not on the iPad yet. They are also nice to use for notes to other family members or reminders (I need a lot of them these days!)

Bold Blue Clip
To make a more "puffy" center, I layered shorter layers together and cinched the bottom with a staple and/or string. I then added the longer layers by punching a hole in the center and allowing the cinched point of the shorter layers to pass through the center holes of the longer layers. I turned over the cinched point under the bottom layer.

Zesty Orange Clip

For this next one, I used an orange clip and added dots of Pearl Pen in orange to the flower petals. Clear Pearl Pen would look like water drops which would be cool (ahhh...I should have done that instead!)

I have a home decor reveal party tomorrow evening and I plan to use this orange flower on the gift. My sister did her entire home in grays and whites with accents of green and orange. It looks gorgeous and her gift will fit right in! 

Have a wonderful day. Thanks for visiting our blog! I hope I've inspired you to make a few of these fun flowers, too. Smiles, Bobbi

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stylish, Low-Fat Cupcakes to Order!

Here's a few more flowers I made this week with some very pretty cupcake wrappers. You can add the flowers to a card front or use in place of a bow on a package.

I used plain silver and printed black and white wrappers together for this first one. Printed cardstock was used for the handmade charms I made using my Epiphany punch, epoxy hearts and charms. BoatHouse Collection(TM) grosgrain ribbon in Black Granite bows were added to them. This would be a really pretty bow on a wedding or anniversary gift.

For the next project, I added a large flower to the front of a 5" square card. I added Glitter Liner in Gold to the blue and brown wrappers for a little glitz. I used a paper flower for the center also embellished with gold glitter.

For details on this project, including a list of the supplies used, visit our Idea Gallery

The next one is made from different floral wrappers. I trimmed some of the top layers to make the under petals show. Ivory lace and an old painted key accent this floral beauty (more $1 finds at stores:)). The box is our cupcake square box. I love this clear box. It works great for a lot of  projects and gifts.

These flowers are easy to make. Here's a few tips for you that I learned when working with them.

How to make the flowers:
  • To make these flowers, simply layer wrappers that have been slit to create petals.
  • It's best to alternate the wrappers, using the back side for every other one. This helps create fullness since the wrappers bend the opposite way. It also add more "depth" with the color change in petals, too.
  • If all of your wrappers are the same size, trim the top layers to make shorter layers. It will add more fullness and dimension to your flower. 
  • Adhere the layers together. You can adhere each one or use a long-hand stapler and staple in the middle.
  • Add a center piece such as a button, ribbon, rhinestones, pearls, another flower, charm or anything else you can think of.  
A few close-up views to see the dimension...

I hope you enjoyed these beauties. They really are fun to make. Each one can turn out so differently, too. Smiles, Bobbi

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kids Projects using Cupcake Wrappers

Bee Friends Flower

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I made a smaller version of a flower on a stem of pencils. I used more polka dot cupcake papers to make this one. These are the smaller sized ones made for the mini muffin tins. This would be a fun project to do with your kids. The bee is from the set, "Wild About Ewe, Honey!" That's a great set for children's Valentine projects.

For a complete list of products used for this project visit our Idea Gallery at

The pencils were 10 for $1.00 at the Dollar Store. Our 1" X 8" bags come 12 in a package and are available at Candies such as M&Ms work well in these bags, too. Here is a Valentine I made last year using this same concept. It was my inspiration for the above project.

For a complete list of products used for this project visit our Idea Gallery at

Blue Ribbon Beauty

Need a blue ribbon? How about making it out of blue cupcake wrappers. This would also be a cute valentine. You could personalize the center with a message for each friend you have. I didn't have any wide blue ribbon on hand so I used white and added dots of Pearl Pen to it instead. Glitter Liner and Pearl Pen are so easy to use and the best part....they don't clog up on you! I love that. :)

For a complete list of products used for this project visit our Idea Gallery at

These are cute and fun to make with your kids. I bought 75 cupcake wrappers for $1.00 to $1.50 at the Dollar Store and other mass stores. You can make a lot of projects for very little. Smiles, Bobbi 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Low-fat polka dot cupcakes are baking at Raisin Boat!

I bought some really bright cupcake wrappers that were too pretty to bake cupcakes in! I started seeing other things being made with them so I had to give it a try myself. I had so much fun and can't wait to make more.

Here's a few things I did with the more whimsical design wrappers. Later this week, I'll share a few more with a more sophisticated look. 

Whimsical flower bow and card ideas

I made these flowers. For a whimsical look, I used polka dots in various sizes. Buttons, ribbons or chipboard pieces such as some one's initials can be used for the center. The flower makes a cute bow on top of our clear cupcake boxes! For a list of products used for this project visit our Idea Gallery at

You can also add them to a front of a card. They can lay flat for mailing which is nice. I love all the color. I combined different cupcake wrappers in polka dots and then trimmed a few to make various sized layers. I added a decorative paper flower that I've had for years and some matte pearls to the center of the flower for additional detail. For a list of products used for this card, visit our Idea Gallery at

How to make the flowers:
  • To make these flowers, simply layer wrappers that have been slit to create petals.
  • It's best to alternate the wrappers, using the back side for every other one. This helps create fullness since the wrappers bend the opposite way. It also adds more "depth" with the color change in petals, too.
  • If all of your wrappers are the same size, trim the top layers to make shorter layers. It will add more fullness and dimension to your flower. 
  • Adhere the layers together. You can adhere each one or use a long-hand stapler and staple in the middle. This works great if you have a something to cover the staple in the middle such as a button.
  • Add a center piece such as a button, ribbon, rhinestones, pearls, another flower, charm or anything else you can think of.  

Another great thing about using cupcake wrappers in this way is that there are zero calories involved in making these tasty treats! Watch for more later this week when we take a more sophisticated approach to our designs! I'll also be sharing some projects for kids, too.  Smiles, Bobbi

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mirror, Mirror....See these Little Princess Stars!

My two grand nieces turned four yesterday. They are identical twins and cute as little buttons! Their big smiles just light up the room. I knew I had to get creative with my birthday cards because these girls are all about dress-up, princesses, and pretties. They can't fully read the card without Mom's help so I wanted to give them cards that they could get something out of without reading it.  Here's what I came up with.

Princess + Dress-up + Pretties = Party Princess + big, pretty, sparkly dress + an interactive card

First, I went straight for the Raisin Boat princess sets, "Party Princess" and "Fairy Skies." These sets are so sweet and cute for little girls.

Next, I had to get out our BoatHouse Collection(TM) Think Pink and Sweet Cheeks pink paper. Our little twins, Peyton and Taylor, love pink. 

I knew I had to use our wonderful Glitter Pens because it's all about sparkle with these two cuties.

Dress-up? A big dress....hmmm....cupcake wrappers! I've been working with cupcake wrappers and having so much fun making cute things with them. (I'll be sharing those later this week) I knew I had these really cute princess cupcake wrappers (left over from a party for my daughter about six years ago) that could be used to make the dress skirt. They had little princess shoes on them and they were pink, so that worked out perfectly for my theme. I also had some floral ones that could work. 

Now for the interactive part...I decided to use our mirror paper. What child doesn't love to look at themselves in the mirror? There's some adults out there like that, too. :)

A few pretties here and there with ribbon, and bows finished the cards off. 

Being a mom of twins, I wanted them to each have their own unique card so I needed two different ways to use mirrors. 

Taylor's Compact Mirror Card

Taylor got a compact mirror embellished with a princess in a big dress! Pearl pen in Apricot (matches our Sweet Cheeks paper perfectly) was used for the ponytail holders and used to create a fun sash embellishment. 

The skirt is so cute and full, just like a true princess!

The mirror card opens up to display two mirrors made out of our Mirror, Mirror cardstock. There is a phrase from the set that says "Mirror, mirror says no one is dearer!" This phrase was perfect for our birthday girl!

For a complete list of products used to make this card, visit our Idea Gallery at I've also created a template for the compact mirror. Here's a link to it. It would be cute to put one of these mirrors in our Clear Purse Boxes with a gift card, too. Here's link to the Clear Purse Boxes

Peyton's Dresser Mirror Card

Now for Peyton I needed another mirror. I used a dresser mirror design for this next card. Think Pink cardstock was used for the base. I had more room to work with  so I created more of a little scene on her mirror with the castle from the set. Cupcake wrappers were used for the skirt again. 

When you turn the handle over, you see the mirrored paper. I used our White Gel pens to add fancy scrolling around the mirror and a heart embellishment at the top.

I actually stamped the envelopes with cute princess themed items from the sets and we signed them so that the cards could be cute without our signatures on them. The kids played with them and actually put them in their little purses (given by Grandma and Grandpa) at the party. Too cute! I knew they were a hit at that point!

For a complete list of products used to make this card, visit our Idea Gallery at

More Mirror Cards

I was so into these princess themed mirrors that I had to give it another try this morning. I wanted one or two to display at our shows this year anyway. Here's a few more I made with the same theme. 

Fairy Skies is a really cute set that includes a flying princess. The next card uses elements from that set. I also used Live, Love, Laugh Stamp set for a more professional looking scroll design around the mirror on both sides. I added a little more sparkle using our Glitter Liner in gold. For a complete list of products used, visit our idea gallery at 

The Party Princess set includes a standing bedroom mirror. Here's a card using just the mirror. I used a standard oval punch to punch out the mirror cardstock which made the mirror so easy to make with a perfectly trimmed mirror. 

If you have a little princess that you know, consider a mirror using mirror paper for your next card. They are cute and fun to make and give! In fact, they don't have to be just for little princesses. 

I know a few adult princess divas that would get a kick out of the compact mirror card. You could use phrases from the set, "Goes with Masterpiece Artist Gal", too. Okay that is a whole new for it later this week!  I've got a few ideas brewing now! Smiles, Bobbi 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Unlikely Valentine Sets Make Great Valentines!

It's fun to look at sets in a whole new way. I love to take a set and use it for something unexpected.  Here's a few love/Valentines cards I made with some unlikely "love" sets.

Arboretum Leaves, a fall-themed set can be used in February, too! Here's two cards I made with the images. The first one uses the cross-section of a tree. I added a heart to the center and included the phrase "Wood you by my Valentine?" Here's a complete list of the products used to make this card.

The leaves are really fun to use from this set, too.  I cut an extra leaf out to "pop" it on the front. A simple statement, "I'm falling for you..." finishes it. Here's a complete list of the products used for this card.

Stamp set, "Leave Your Mark" can be a fun way to say "thumb-body" loves you! I used many colors to create this clean and simple card. You could also make little characters out of them and add moving eyeballs, too!  Here's a complete list of products used for this card. 

Take a fresh look at your current rental or purchased sets and find a new way to use them. Have fun! Smiles, Bobbi

Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY Valentines - Scratch Off Valentine Cards

Kids love to scratch off cards to reveal a special message or prize. Why not make a valentine that can do the same? I made a couple to share with you.

 Rockstar Valentine

The first one uses Raisin Boat stamp set, "Rockstar." There is a hidden message underneath the paint in the large drum just waiting to be revealed!

Scratch off the paint to reveal the message, "Let's hang out together." Here's the card with the message revealed. For a complete list of products used for this card, visit our Idea Gallery at


Next, I turned to a scratch-off, game card valentine idea....

Three of a Kind Valentine

I thought it would be fun to make a game out of it.  How about a "find three-of-a-kind" game? You could also do a three-in-a-row game, too. Here's one I made using Raisin Boat stamp set, "Hitting and Kicking." I thought this would be cute for boys - no hearts on this one! As you can see the soccer balls are the three of a kind for a win, but you could do more than that to increase the chances of winning! I simply stamped designs in each square on this grid system. now to the paint part.I admit that this was kind of a learning session for me. Years ago a friend of mine gave me a recipe to make the scratch off "paint."The paint recipe is:

Scratch-Off Paint Recipe
  • 1T dish soap
  • 2T acrylic paint. Silver paint makes it look more authentic.
Unfortunately, I found my bottle of silver acrylic paint dried up when I went to use it today so I used a silver paint pen instead. Here's the one I used. It worked well and it did not require any mixing.

The key to doing this is that you have to cover the surface below with some type of clear plastic. I used clear shipping tape. It worked great and is something you tend to have at home. Here's the steps to follow:

  • Stamp the message or design on the card 
  • Apply the clear plastic on the top of the item to conceal.
  •  Apply paint to the top. Cover all of the plastic tape.
  • Give the paint some time to dry. Since it sits on the top of the tape and cannot seep into the cardstock, it will take more time to dry. 

One of the lessons I learned is that it's hard to brush the paint on and still keep it neat looking. I could also see my shipping tape edges through it since I painted beyond the imperfect tape pieces.  Here's what my card looked like on my first attempt. It was not so pretty!

I found that it worked better to stamp and punch out the designs on a separate sheet (using a circle or square punch), apply the tape to the full front of the punched out pieces (to avoid any tape edges/seams) and then paint them. Once they were dry I attached them to the card front. This definitely takes more time, but looks much cleaner. Here's what my card looked like after following the steps above. It's a much cleaner looking card.

Game Card Template

I have a template already for you to use in case you want to give the game card idea a try. There are four cards on the sheet. Simply download and print the Scratch-Off Game Card PDF on BoatHouse Collection(TM) Brighton Beach White cardstock. Cut each one out at 4" and 8" from the top left corner on the short side and then cut at 5.25" and 10.5" from the top left on the long side to make 4 cards that are 4" X 5.25" in size. You can add a border of color by matting them and they will still fit in a regular invitation size envelope.  I added two borders on mine so I cut my cards down a bit smaller.

These are pretty fun to do.  My kids saw them and thought it was cool that I could make scratch-off cards. Give them a try and see what you can come up with.

For a complete list of products used, visit our Idea Gallery at

Smiles, Bobbi

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY Valentines using clear boxes

Sometimes you want to give lots of Kisses on Valentine's Day and with our clear boxes you can! Just fill with as much love (aka chocolate) as you like and you are good to give!

"Jar of Kisses" Valentine

Our small pillow boxes fit perfectly in our mason jar from "Sealed With a Kiss" stamp set. I added a special cover and some twine to "seal" it at the top.

How to make the "Sealed with Kisses" valentine:
  1. Follow the pattern from my February 4, 2012 post. A diagram with the dimensions are listed in the post. 
  2. Stamp the jar, hearts and to/from on the front panel of the card. 
  3. Color in the hearts using markers. I used R46 and RV09 Copic markers.
  4. Cut out the inside of the entire jar. 
  5. Add two slits - one on each side for the sentiment to insert into.
  6. Stamp the sentiment on a 1/2" X 3" piece of cardstock.
  7. Hand cut the top faux fabric cover from patterned paper. Attach to the top of the jar. I used an oval scallop punch to make the bottom edge. The top is a separate piece. I attached the two together. The Baker's Twine conceals the seam.
  8. Fold the card at the score lines and adhere/staple the bottom together.
  9. Insert the pillow box filled with Kisses from the side.
For a complete list of products used, visit our Idea Gallery at

Here's a view of the side of the valentine. You can fit approximately 7-8 Hershey Kisses in a box. M&Ms, Skittles, gumballs and other candies can be used, too.

"Sealed with a Kiss" Box

Our cupcake boxes can be "loved" up using pearl pens in pink, red, silver, gold, black or any color you like! I used red to make these hearts on the clear box. To make a perfect heart, I punched one out, attached it to the side of the box with repositionable tape and then added dots around the perimeter for a perfect shaped heart. Once the dots were dry, I removed the heart template.

The tag was made using stamp set, "What a Zoo, Too!" and our Short Cuts pre-cut cardstock.  These boxes are food-safe and include an insert to hold a cupcake in place. They come 3 in a package.

For a complete list of products used, visit our Idea Gallery at

Happy Valentine's Day (soon)! Smiles, Bobbi

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Challenge #7

It's time for challenge #7 and our first challenge for 2013! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, our theme this month is "Love is in the Air."

For this month's "Love is in the Air" challenge, you can use any stamp set you have (you don't have to limit your entry to Raisin Boat stamps). That's right, use any stamp set you wish for this challenge, but if you use a Raisin Boat stamp set, it will count as two entries. That gives you twice the chance to win a stamp set of your choice!

Any "Love"-themed creation is perfect for this challenge. This a great time to make a card for someone special just to say how much you care. Or, you could be stocking up on wedding cards, or making a Valentine or two. This challenge ends on February 12.

We hope you'll join our "Love is in the Air" challenge! Here are a few cards to inspire you:

Raisin Boat Sets: Love Letters and Sealed With a Kiss
Raisin Boat Set: Teatime Treats
Raisin Boat Set:  Teatime Treats
Raisin Boat Sets: Sealed With a Kiss, Teatime Treats and Love Letters

Here is a video telling about the creations in this post.

For more ideas, visit the Raisin Boat Idea Gallery.

Now it's your turn! Create any "Love" project and link it below. (If you have trouble linking it up, simply email it to and we can link it for you.)

Remember, you don't have to use Raisin Boat stamps, but if you do, you will get TWO chances to win a SET of your choice! 

Thanks for playing along with us!

DIY Valentines - Just the "Write" Stuff for Kids!

Here's a few "write-on" valentines to make this year. I made these with a few supplies and a little imagination... 
You're Just Write

This chalkboard and chalk set includes a roll of Rolos candy.  Here's how you make this one:

How to make the chalkboard:
  1. I used Tiki Hut cardstock and hand-drew wood lines to make the frame look like wood. A piece of Black Granite cardstock creates the chalkboard.
  2.  I sponged white pigment ink on the black before writing on it with our amazing white gel pens. Your kids could write the message to personalize with their hand-writing.
  3. Small rectangles of white cardstock make the faux chalk on the tray. 
How to make the chalk:
  1. Simply roll the Rolos candy in white cardstock and adhere edges. Add a small circle punched from white cardstock on each end cap to finish.
  2. A small glue dot attaches the chalkboard to the oversized chalk stick.
  3. See a list of all of the supplies used including links to them in our Idea Gallery.
 Write On, Valentine!


 A large roll of Sweet Tarts is the barrel of this over-sized pencil. Here's how to make this "write-on" valentine.

How to make the pencil:

  1. Roll the candy in Sun Porch cardstock. Adhere the edges to stay tight. 
  2. Attach a Hershey Kiss with silver foil at one end for the tip using a glue dot. I snipped off the "Kisses" label. 
  3. Crimp a long narrow strip of silver cardstock. Mine is 1-1/4" wide and approximately 2-1/2" long.
  4.  Attach the silver strip to a long strip of Red Delicious cardstock.
  5.  Attach the combined strips to the top of the pencil. Adhere a 7/8" Red Delicious circle to the top to cap it off.
How to make the message:
  1. Stamp the notebook paper image using Summer Sky Memento ink on Brighton Beach White cardstock.
  2. Using a ruler, draw a red line using a red pen or marker down the vertical,  punch holes in the circles and add slits to mimic a real sheet of notebook paper.  I also used a Copic C1 marker to shaded the edges. 
  3. Stamp additional words on the sheet such as "date," "to" and "from" from the sets, "Highly Confidential" and "Days Before Christmas" (to/from). 
  4. Attach the notebook paper message to the front of the pencil using a glue dot.
  5. See a list of all of the supplies used including links to them in our Idea Gallery.
 You've Got the Write Stuff

Our 1" X 8" clear bags work great for two colorful pencils from the the Hot Spot bins at Target. I can usually get 10 pencils for $1.00 at the store. The Dollar Store carries them, too.  I added a pre-cut Short Cut to the front and back of the bag of two pencils and attached with adhesive. For the front, I stamped it using the set, "Highly Confidential." The surrounding flowers were hand drawn doodles colored in using Copics. Our cute dotted ribbon that matches our cardstock was tied in a knot on each end. 

For a complete list of supplies used go to our Idea Gallery at

We've got more Valentine ideas to share in the next week or so. Stay tuned for more! If you got ones to share using your Raisin Boat sets, we'd love to see them!  Smiles, Bobbi 

Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY Valentine Ideas for Kids

I spent time this weekend making some fun and easy Valentine's for kids. Of course, there's a little candy or treat of some type in every one of them. I've included some tips / directions in case you are inspired to make one, too. :)

Keep checking back. I'll be posting many more this week and next week.

Treemendous Hearts Tree

Save up your empty toilet paper rolls for this valentine! I think the Northern brand uses a brown color roll (like I've used here). A list of the products used, can be found in our Idea Gallery at

To make the tree trunk:

I added bark to the roll by hand drawing lines using the Le Pen black marker (a must in any one's stash!). To add more depth, I added darker brown using the Cat-eye Chalk Pad in Chestnut. You can just use the direct-to-paper method and rub it on. It does not need to be neat.
  1. Once it is dry, I added four equal size slits on the top of the tube for the 4 scallop edge circles below.  Each slit needs to be the same length from the top for a uniform tree.
  2. Add a gingham ribbon around the tree trunk.

To make the rest of the tree:
  1.  Die cut two or four scallop circles in Summer Lime cardstock. I used four circles so that I could hide my owl inside. the tree.
  1. I stamped each scallop circle with leaves from the set, "Treemendous." If you are using only two scallops, stamp on both sides. If you are using four (like I did), you need only stamp on one side.
  2. Add berries/apples/cherries to your tree using Pearl Pen in red. Let it dry before completing the next steps.
  3. Score down the center of each scallop circle. Fold each scallop circle to make a 90-degree angle.
  4. If you are using 4 circles, punch out a 1" hole in only one of the scallops. make sure it is off to the side and not close to the score line. The owl will peep out of here.
  5. Stamp and cut out your owl. I used the baby owl from Night Owl stamp set.
  6. Stamp and cut out your sentiment. I used the phrase, "You're treemendous" and the bubble shape from the set, "Central Park." I also adhered this to Summer Lime paper so that the backside of my sentiment matched the treetop.
Assemble the tree:

  1. Attach the scallop circles to the tree trunk by inserting them into the slits at the top. There should be two scallops in each slit if you are using 4 scallop circles. 
  2. Apply adhesive to your owl and tuck him down between two of the the circles so he is sandwiched between two scallops, yet peeping out to the hole of one. If you are using only two scallops, you can simply adhere him on the front of one circle.
  3. Apply adhesive to the backs of all circles to keep them in place. Mine are not perfect as you can see because my slits were off a bit.
  4. Add candy to each tree section. I used Dove chocolate hearts, but you can really add anything.
  5. You're done! Enjoy :)
  6. Product List can be found in our Idea Gallery at 
More...later! Smiles, Bobbi 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Calendar using a CD Case

It's time to throw out the 2012 calendars and replace them with the new year.

I had made a cute tin of stamped holiday gift tags for one of our teacher gifts, however. the unexpected snow day threw a wrench into those plans. We didn't get a chance to give the gift before break! So, I went back to the drawing board and decided a calendar would be a great gift to give after the holidays.

I made a set of inserts (12 months) to fit into a CD clear case. I stamped each month differently using appropriate colors of the season. The set of months fits nicely inside the CD case while the current month shows through the front. The case stands up by opening it and keeping it in an A-frame shape. (Ribbon could be added to the sides to keep the stand secure, too.)

I added glitter chipboard letters in the initials of the teacher to the front of the case. I used Raisin Boat stamp sets, Strokes of Wisdom and Stokes of Pride to stamp the page inserts. Each insert makes a nice, abstract-design background for the glitter letters.

It would be cute to use 12 different Raisin Boat stamp sets to create a calendar, too. These CD case calendars are quick and easy to make and fit nicely on any desk in 2013! Happy New Year! Bobbi



Here's what the inserts look like.