Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY Valentine Ideas for Kids

I spent time this weekend making some fun and easy Valentine's for kids. Of course, there's a little candy or treat of some type in every one of them. I've included some tips / directions in case you are inspired to make one, too. :)

Keep checking back. I'll be posting many more this week and next week.

Treemendous Hearts Tree

Save up your empty toilet paper rolls for this valentine! I think the Northern brand uses a brown color roll (like I've used here). A list of the products used, can be found in our Idea Gallery at

To make the tree trunk:

I added bark to the roll by hand drawing lines using the Le Pen black marker (a must in any one's stash!). To add more depth, I added darker brown using the Cat-eye Chalk Pad in Chestnut. You can just use the direct-to-paper method and rub it on. It does not need to be neat.
  1. Once it is dry, I added four equal size slits on the top of the tube for the 4 scallop edge circles below.  Each slit needs to be the same length from the top for a uniform tree.
  2. Add a gingham ribbon around the tree trunk.

To make the rest of the tree:
  1.  Die cut two or four scallop circles in Summer Lime cardstock. I used four circles so that I could hide my owl inside. the tree.
  1. I stamped each scallop circle with leaves from the set, "Treemendous." If you are using only two scallops, stamp on both sides. If you are using four (like I did), you need only stamp on one side.
  2. Add berries/apples/cherries to your tree using Pearl Pen in red. Let it dry before completing the next steps.
  3. Score down the center of each scallop circle. Fold each scallop circle to make a 90-degree angle.
  4. If you are using 4 circles, punch out a 1" hole in only one of the scallops. make sure it is off to the side and not close to the score line. The owl will peep out of here.
  5. Stamp and cut out your owl. I used the baby owl from Night Owl stamp set.
  6. Stamp and cut out your sentiment. I used the phrase, "You're treemendous" and the bubble shape from the set, "Central Park." I also adhered this to Summer Lime paper so that the backside of my sentiment matched the treetop.
Assemble the tree:

  1. Attach the scallop circles to the tree trunk by inserting them into the slits at the top. There should be two scallops in each slit if you are using 4 scallop circles. 
  2. Apply adhesive to your owl and tuck him down between two of the the circles so he is sandwiched between two scallops, yet peeping out to the hole of one. If you are using only two scallops, you can simply adhere him on the front of one circle.
  3. Apply adhesive to the backs of all circles to keep them in place. Mine are not perfect as you can see because my slits were off a bit.
  4. Add candy to each tree section. I used Dove chocolate hearts, but you can really add anything.
  5. You're done! Enjoy :)
  6. Product List can be found in our Idea Gallery at 
More...later! Smiles, Bobbi 


  1. What an adorable idea! :) Love it and may do something for my nephews and nieces... now to save them toilet rolls! lol ;)

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