Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Flower Clips

This is the last of my cupcake wrapper obsession projects! I made a few cute flowers that I adhered to over-sized dollar store clips. I'm going to put them on wrapped gifts for a the bow that can also be used later in the office or kitchen. These big clips stand on their own so I like to use them to hold my recipe cards when I'm working with some of my mom's old hard copy recipes that are not on the iPad yet. They are also nice to use for notes to other family members or reminders (I need a lot of them these days!)

Bold Blue Clip
To make a more "puffy" center, I layered shorter layers together and cinched the bottom with a staple and/or string. I then added the longer layers by punching a hole in the center and allowing the cinched point of the shorter layers to pass through the center holes of the longer layers. I turned over the cinched point under the bottom layer.

Zesty Orange Clip

For this next one, I used an orange clip and added dots of Pearl Pen in orange to the flower petals. Clear Pearl Pen would look like water drops which would be cool (ahhh...I should have done that instead!)

I have a home decor reveal party tomorrow evening and I plan to use this orange flower on the gift. My sister did her entire home in grays and whites with accents of green and orange. It looks gorgeous and her gift will fit right in! 

Have a wonderful day. Thanks for visiting our blog! I hope I've inspired you to make a few of these fun flowers, too. Smiles, Bobbi

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