Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Low-fat polka dot cupcakes are baking at Raisin Boat!

I bought some really bright cupcake wrappers that were too pretty to bake cupcakes in! I started seeing other things being made with them so I had to give it a try myself. I had so much fun and can't wait to make more.

Here's a few things I did with the more whimsical design wrappers. Later this week, I'll share a few more with a more sophisticated look. 

Whimsical flower bow and card ideas

I made these flowers. For a whimsical look, I used polka dots in various sizes. Buttons, ribbons or chipboard pieces such as some one's initials can be used for the center. The flower makes a cute bow on top of our clear cupcake boxes! For a list of products used for this project visit our Idea Gallery at www.RaisinBoat.com.

You can also add them to a front of a card. They can lay flat for mailing which is nice. I love all the color. I combined different cupcake wrappers in polka dots and then trimmed a few to make various sized layers. I added a decorative paper flower that I've had for years and some matte pearls to the center of the flower for additional detail. For a list of products used for this card, visit our Idea Gallery at www.RaisinBoat.com.

How to make the flowers:
  • To make these flowers, simply layer wrappers that have been slit to create petals.
  • It's best to alternate the wrappers, using the back side for every other one. This helps create fullness since the wrappers bend the opposite way. It also adds more "depth" with the color change in petals, too.
  • If all of your wrappers are the same size, trim the top layers to make shorter layers. It will add more fullness and dimension to your flower. 
  • Adhere the layers together. You can adhere each one or use a long-hand stapler and staple in the middle. This works great if you have a something to cover the staple in the middle such as a button.
  • Add a center piece such as a button, ribbon, rhinestones, pearls, another flower, charm or anything else you can think of.  

Another great thing about using cupcake wrappers in this way is that there are zero calories involved in making these tasty treats! Watch for more later this week when we take a more sophisticated approach to our designs! I'll also be sharing some projects for kids, too.  Smiles, Bobbi

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  1. Too cute! I also jumped on the cupcake band wagon but was not sure what to do with them once I bought them... these are great inspiration! :)