Monday, January 21, 2013

Mirror, Mirror....See these Little Princess Stars!

My two grand nieces turned four yesterday. They are identical twins and cute as little buttons! Their big smiles just light up the room. I knew I had to get creative with my birthday cards because these girls are all about dress-up, princesses, and pretties. They can't fully read the card without Mom's help so I wanted to give them cards that they could get something out of without reading it.  Here's what I came up with.

Princess + Dress-up + Pretties = Party Princess + big, pretty, sparkly dress + an interactive card

First, I went straight for the Raisin Boat princess sets, "Party Princess" and "Fairy Skies." These sets are so sweet and cute for little girls.

Next, I had to get out our BoatHouse Collection(TM) Think Pink and Sweet Cheeks pink paper. Our little twins, Peyton and Taylor, love pink. 

I knew I had to use our wonderful Glitter Pens because it's all about sparkle with these two cuties.

Dress-up? A big dress....hmmm....cupcake wrappers! I've been working with cupcake wrappers and having so much fun making cute things with them. (I'll be sharing those later this week) I knew I had these really cute princess cupcake wrappers (left over from a party for my daughter about six years ago) that could be used to make the dress skirt. They had little princess shoes on them and they were pink, so that worked out perfectly for my theme. I also had some floral ones that could work. 

Now for the interactive part...I decided to use our mirror paper. What child doesn't love to look at themselves in the mirror? There's some adults out there like that, too. :)

A few pretties here and there with ribbon, and bows finished the cards off. 

Being a mom of twins, I wanted them to each have their own unique card so I needed two different ways to use mirrors. 

Taylor's Compact Mirror Card

Taylor got a compact mirror embellished with a princess in a big dress! Pearl pen in Apricot (matches our Sweet Cheeks paper perfectly) was used for the ponytail holders and used to create a fun sash embellishment. 

The skirt is so cute and full, just like a true princess!

The mirror card opens up to display two mirrors made out of our Mirror, Mirror cardstock. There is a phrase from the set that says "Mirror, mirror says no one is dearer!" This phrase was perfect for our birthday girl!

For a complete list of products used to make this card, visit our Idea Gallery at I've also created a template for the compact mirror. Here's a link to it. It would be cute to put one of these mirrors in our Clear Purse Boxes with a gift card, too. Here's link to the Clear Purse Boxes

Peyton's Dresser Mirror Card

Now for Peyton I needed another mirror. I used a dresser mirror design for this next card. Think Pink cardstock was used for the base. I had more room to work with  so I created more of a little scene on her mirror with the castle from the set. Cupcake wrappers were used for the skirt again. 

When you turn the handle over, you see the mirrored paper. I used our White Gel pens to add fancy scrolling around the mirror and a heart embellishment at the top.

I actually stamped the envelopes with cute princess themed items from the sets and we signed them so that the cards could be cute without our signatures on them. The kids played with them and actually put them in their little purses (given by Grandma and Grandpa) at the party. Too cute! I knew they were a hit at that point!

For a complete list of products used to make this card, visit our Idea Gallery at

More Mirror Cards

I was so into these princess themed mirrors that I had to give it another try this morning. I wanted one or two to display at our shows this year anyway. Here's a few more I made with the same theme. 

Fairy Skies is a really cute set that includes a flying princess. The next card uses elements from that set. I also used Live, Love, Laugh Stamp set for a more professional looking scroll design around the mirror on both sides. I added a little more sparkle using our Glitter Liner in gold. For a complete list of products used, visit our idea gallery at 

The Party Princess set includes a standing bedroom mirror. Here's a card using just the mirror. I used a standard oval punch to punch out the mirror cardstock which made the mirror so easy to make with a perfectly trimmed mirror. 

If you have a little princess that you know, consider a mirror using mirror paper for your next card. They are cute and fun to make and give! In fact, they don't have to be just for little princesses. 

I know a few adult princess divas that would get a kick out of the compact mirror card. You could use phrases from the set, "Goes with Masterpiece Artist Gal", too. Okay that is a whole new for it later this week!  I've got a few ideas brewing now! Smiles, Bobbi 

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