Friday, January 18, 2013

Unlikely Valentine Sets Make Great Valentines!

It's fun to look at sets in a whole new way. I love to take a set and use it for something unexpected.  Here's a few love/Valentines cards I made with some unlikely "love" sets.

Arboretum Leaves, a fall-themed set can be used in February, too! Here's two cards I made with the images. The first one uses the cross-section of a tree. I added a heart to the center and included the phrase "Wood you by my Valentine?" Here's a complete list of the products used to make this card.

The leaves are really fun to use from this set, too.  I cut an extra leaf out to "pop" it on the front. A simple statement, "I'm falling for you..." finishes it. Here's a complete list of the products used for this card.

Stamp set, "Leave Your Mark" can be a fun way to say "thumb-body" loves you! I used many colors to create this clean and simple card. You could also make little characters out of them and add moving eyeballs, too!  Here's a complete list of products used for this card. 

Take a fresh look at your current rental or purchased sets and find a new way to use them. Have fun! Smiles, Bobbi


  1. Wow! These are all such great ideas! What incredible inspiration! :)

  2. I love these Valentine cards and have spent a lot of time today posting them and other Raisin Boat cards & products on my Pinterest account (Lisa Marie). I also found you on You Tube today! :)