Monday, February 4, 2013

Sweet and simple classroom or office treats

Who doesn't like a lollipop? Designer, Donna Polley shared these sweet and simple lollipop treats with us. She used Teatime Treats stamp set from and some patterned paper to make the lollipop holders.

Here's a side view to see the actual size and positioning of the lollipop.

How to make the Sweet Treats Lollipop Holder:

  • Cut a  8-1/2" long X 2" wide strip of pattern paper or solid cardstock stamped with your favorite Raisin Boat stamp set.
  • Score the strip at 3-1/2" and 5". You will now have three sections of 3-1/2", 1-1/2" and 3-1/2" long to make up the 8-1/2" length.
  • Punch the edges of  the strip for a decorative edge. To make a scallop edge, turn your punch upside down, insert your strip from the top of the scallop punch cutout (do not use the slide-in part of the punch like you normally would use). Punch your strip piece so that only one side of the punch is punching the paper and the rest of your strip is coming out on the top of the punch (not inside). Any size scallop punch will work as long as it is wide enough to fit the width of your strip. See photo below.

  • Add a fun design to the front like Donna's hearts and "sweet" image. Layer and adhere to one side.
  • Add a "To/From" to the other side if you are making them for the classroom. Or, make a tag to attach with the bow.
  • Fold on the score lines and insert the lollipop.
  • While holding the two edges of the strip together, punch two holes at the top. Add some string or ribbon to keep the lollipop in a straight, upright position. Donna used our narrow 1/4" red/white gingham which works great for small projects, like this one.  Tie in a bow.
  • You're done and ready to give! 
This is a quick and really cute design for those who like to make a treat for the classroom, senior center, hospital or office. You can get sugar-free candy to include, too! 

Thanks Donna for the clever and quick treat idea. Smiles, Bobbi