How Raisin Boat stamp rental works

Choose your membership plan –

Designed to meet diverse budgets and creative minds

Choose the membership plan that’s right for you – A variety of membership levels and monthly subscription rates lets you determine how many stamps you want to enjoy per month. Update or cancel your membership anytime.

On average, renters can enjoy 3 - 4 times more sets with the money a purchaser would spend, depending on the rental plan chosen. And that doesn't even factor in shipping and handling costs a purchaser may incur. All of our rental plans include free shipping!

Create your Pick List of stamps online –

Over 200 exclusive clear stamps

Create your Pick List – Choose from our selection of over 200 stamp sets, and simply “click and drag” rows by their titles to put them in the order you wish to receive them. Once you've made your Pick List, you don't need to do any other steps - just log out and we'll take care of the rest. You can update the list anytime and print a copy for your reference.
We send you stamps from your pick list -
Free shipping to and from your door!

Get your stamps in the mail - The next available stamps on your list arrive conveniently at your doorstep. Shipping is free with your monthly subscription!


Create all the projects you wish with each set –

No return deadlines

Create your works of art - Keep the stamps as long as you want – or forever if you decide you want to purchase the set at a member-reduced price. To use our clear sets, simply peel the image from the backing sheet like a sticker and place it on an acrylic block (sold separately).

Return your stamps to get a new set from your Pick List –

Keep the creative coming

Return the stamps in your own good time - Use the provided self-addressed, postage-stamped envelope - no trip to the post office!
Get the next set(s) on your Pick List - Once we receive your returned stamps, we’ll mail you the next ones on your list as soon as you're eligible under your monthly plan.
Begin the next wave of creativity – Start the fun and idea flow again, fresh with new stamps!